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Logistics Services

We Offer Logistics and Transportation Services

We offers bulk delivery services to both industrial and domestic customers who require LPG in large quantities. Utilizing the most resent technologies and state of the art equipment for storage and delivery, Atco Energy can be relied upon for efficient and cost effective supply of LPG to meet the demands of all our clients nationwide.

We have one of the largest combined Supply and Transportation network in the industry with our Bobtails & Bridger, Refrigerated Vessels strategically placed throughout Nigeria which is traced and routed using satellite communication systems. We provide our clients with world class Logistics services to meet their needs in a timely manner.

We Supply:

  • Gas Refilling plants
  • Factories/ Industries 
  • Organizations & Recreation Facilities
  • Power Generations plants
  • Home Sites
  • Restaurants & Hotels
  • Boarding Homes & Universities
  • Etc.

Guaranteed Supply

Atco Energy has LPG off-taking supply agreement with Major LPG producers and Importers in Nigeria. We also have a strategically located LPG storage facility in Lagos which from there LPG would be delivered to you.

We also offer 24-hour service emergency delivery options and we ensure prompt delivery service when you need it. Our LPG customers expect LPG delivery service that’s not only SAFE, ASSURING and RELIABLE but SWIFT. No matter the weather conditions outside or what’s happening, we guarantee all your LPG needs are met and you’re getting the best value for the best LPG prices.

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