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About Atco Energy

Atco Energy is an integrated Logistics, Retailing, Technical & Industrial energy solution Company. Registered in Nigeria with the aim of providing efficient and yet affordable energy solutions to homes, hotels, restaurants and industries through the supply of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), solar    powered electricity and generators. 

Our activities and business are controlled by values that promote sustainable development, structured performance and result-oriented, developing the readiness for change, overcoming challenges with zeal. Our flagship brand – Atcogas is in the forefront of the LPG value chain in Nigeria.

Currently operating filling plants in several locations in Nigeria, AtcoGas is able to supply LPG in both packed and bulk format.

AtcoGas also operates its own fleet of LPG tankers and flatbeds enabling it to offer its customers a seamless service. This is aided by a supply agreement with major LPG producers which allow us to guarantee supply all year round.

Corporate Governance

Through selected programs, expression is given to the Group’s responsibility as good corporate citizens not only to deliver value to shareholders and customers, but also to adhere to a code of ethical conduct; to provide a fair and unprejudiced workplace for employees; to deliver solutions that are environmentally responsible and to ensure that it operates as sustainably as possible.

Atco Energy and its sister’s companies are committed to making a difference.

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