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Vision and Values

Our Vision

The vision of the Atco Energy is to be a unique energy company that adds optimal value to its stakeholders through sustainable growth driven by performance excellence. The company lives by integrity, innovation, agility, diversity and instils these values in all areas of the business.

The success of the company revolves around people who with dedication, knowledge, willingness, friendliness and empathy serve and support others so that we are able to ensure maximum profit for the company, its’ shareholders and people.

Our Values

As a Company, Atco Energy (Nigeria) is driven by the following values

Expressing Excellence

Atco Energy (Nigeria) constantly strives to achieve excellence in every facet of its business and constantly monitors performance against set standards to ensure its impeccable track record is maintained.

The Company’s approach entails engaging with its people, partners, shareholders and other stakeholders to find ways to best support the communities in which it operates whilst building a sustainable business that makes a meaningful contribution to the economy at all times.

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