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Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)


Atcogas occupies a leading position in LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) in Nigeria and has been promoting it as an ideal alternative to traditional fuels in the country

We have developed extensive experience and expertise in the use of LPG across a wide range of business applications, as a safer, efficient, competitively priced and more ecological energy for business. We also know that its portability allows LPG to be used in any location and its availability allows businesses in all corners of the world to develop.

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Several million people around the world use LPG at home for a variety of applications. It provides all the benefits of mains gas, without the connection to the grid. From instant, completely controllable gas cooking and lighting.

Safe, reliable, clean, efficient and versatile, LPG can easily turn your home into a relaxing, healthy environment, and provide a welcome alternative when electricity supplies are unreliable.

The use of firewood and charcoal carries important health consequences, in particular damaging the lungs. Their use is also known to contribute to deforestation and climate change, and takes the valuable time of women and young girls to collect, especially in rural areas.

We all know that “old habits die hard”, but the switch to LPG represents a positive shift in lifestyles and quickly becomes part of everyday life.

Over the years, we have built a reputation for the quality and safety of our LPG cylinders and bulk tanks, together with the certainty that they really are correctly filled when our customers buy them.

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Over the years, we have developed an extensive distribution network, ensuring a reliable supply close to home making life even easier.

For easy transportation and lower usage, LPG cylinders are the best option. Atco Energy supplies a variety of cylinder sizes, ranging from 3kg to 48kg. And when it says Atcogas on the outside, you know you can trust the quality and quantity of gas on the inside. Our cylinders meet all international standards and are certified by the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON)


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We stock LP-gas generator conversion kits. Noiseless LPG gas Conversion Kit for Gasoline Generator ensures that your Generator can be powered using either Fuel (regular Petrol) and Propane Gas (Cooking Gas). This conversion Kit works for generator within 2kva – 4kva rating

Benefit of installing this Kit includes but not limited to:
  • Works with Petrol and Gas.
  • Cost Saving
  • Less Noise from the Generator.
  • Long lasting life cycle for the Generator as a result of clean emission.
  • Ability to use Petrol as backup.
  • It’s very safe…

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As LPG experts, we have the professionals to advice our clients and package an energy solution tailored to the particular needs of each type of business, specifically structured to reduce costs and increase energy efficiency. We also offer reliable on-site services to install, supply and maintain equipment. We understand business activity and priorities, and are here to help businesses improve their performance.

Our experience and focus on quality and reliability have earned us a reputation as a trusted partner for business.

LPG is powerful and environmentally friendly, requires low maintenance on equipment and provides opportunities for energy economies.

LPG is thus ideally and widely used in many industrial applications and production processes. These include:

  • Metal processing
  • Drying
  • Food production
  • Crop drying
  • LPG forklift
  • Petrochemical production
  • Powering industrial ovens, kilns and furnaces

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When space is not an issue and usage is high, bulk can be the most practical and cost-efficient solution for individuals and corporate bodies. We have the expertise to design and install the LPG storage tank that best suits your needs. Above ground or underground tanks can thus provide a reliable energy at reasonable cost. And our teams of sales and technical experts are always available to ensure a great LPG service 24h a day.

As part of our focus on quality, our LPG tanks and cylinders fully meet safety requirements and undergo strict and regular quality controls.

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Liquefied petroleum gas or liquid petroleum gas (LPG or LP gas), also referred to as propane or butane, is a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gases (propane and butane) used as a fuel in heating appliances, cooking equipment, and vehicles.

When crude oil is removed of its impurities at a refinery by method of fractional distillation, one if its by-products is LPG.

LPG is a colourless liquid that evaporates into a gas. It has no smell, but does have an odour added to help detect leaks. LPG is supplied in pressurized cylinders to keep it liquefied. The cylinders are designed in accordance with strict regulations to ensure the best possible safety to consumers. However, sufficient care should always be taken when handling cylinders.

LPG is usually less expensive than electricity in that it is faster and can be used for power, heat, light and cooking domestically and commercially. LPG produces significantly lower amounts of some harmful emissions and the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2).

Ensure cylinders are stored in an upright position on a level surface in a well ventilated area at all times. Keep cylinder valves closed when not in use. Cylinders not in use should be stored away from combustible materials e.g. wood, other fuels and gases, electricity plugs.

Liquid LPG expands on temperature variances. With LPG you need 20% of the space above the liquid for expansion. Cylinder design accommodates for these variations in line with safety requirements. LPG bottles should always be filled to 80% capacity to leave room for expansion. All cylinders are filled in accordance to industry standards to ensure you have the correct quantity of LPG you have purchased. Any cylinder overfilled poses a safety risk.

Choose an authorised LPG supplier who is able to ensure a regular and constant supply of gas; has competitive pricing and is able to provide you with a gas cylinder sizes to suit your needs.

A seal around the valve indicates that the company filling the cylinder has filled this cylinder safely and to the required level. One must ensure that the seal on the cylinder is printed with the company logo matching the cylinder owner logo. This is to avoid purchasing cylinders from suppliers who might not have the best interests of the consumers in mind and possibly place the consumer at risk.

Although LPG gas is colourless and not visible to the naked eye, it has a detectable “Garlic like” odour which is added through a “stenching” process. There should not be any smell when using an appliance. If you detect the smell, close the cylinder valve and tighten the regulator and/or any connection joints to hoses and appliances before opening the valve and test if the leak has been stopped.

Close the cylinder valve immediately. You can locate the leak by spraying the valve, hose and joints with soapy water. If you see bubbles forming, this would normally indicate an area where the leak is. Take appropriate action as per below –

  •  Tighten the regulator or joint connections,
  • Replace the LPG hose.
  • Have appliance checked by Authorised person.

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